Sunday, November 30, 2014

What's in your cart? Let's get ready for the TpT Sitewide Sale!

Have you heard?  TpT is having their last sitewide sale of the year! That means that you can save up to 28% off regular prices!

Today, I'm linking up with Speech Room News to let you know what's in MY cart as well as introduce to you a product that I believe should be in YOUR cart.

I only have two items in my cart, actually, and they're both clip art.  Since I've been off on maternity leave, I haven't really been purchasing many products for my classroom as in the past, but I've been purchasing lots of clip art to create those wonderful products for you!

Let's take a peak :

Christmas Morning Surprise : Limited Edition

I absolutely love Krista Wallden and all of her clipart.  Not only is she very successful on TpT, but I find her very generous and giving.  A true teacher at heart.  I buy a lot of her clip art for my products, and this one here is a Christmas Morning Surprise!  For only $5, she will send me a set of clip art on Christmas morning for me to "open"!  It's a set that can be used all year long, not specific to any seasons, which I do appreciate. 

Geometric Solids Clip Art

The second item in my cart might not be as interesting, but I'm still pretty excited!  I am in the midst of creating a HUGE Perimeter/Area/Volume set and this clip art set by Mr Math Coach is PERFECT for my Volume scavenger hunt and task cards. 

So now you know what's in my cart, let me tell you what should be in your cart.

This reading program is FILLED with goodies for your classroom! And it's a GROWING bundle, which means that as I create products, I will always add them to this bundle.  If you've already purchased it, you can download the newest bundle without ever paying another penny!  

There you have it!  Now don't forget to go fill up your cart so that you can enjoy up to 28% off products tomorrow.  Use Promo Code TPTCYBER during check out!

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday Bundle Bash!

I am so excited to be participating in the Black Friday BUNDLE Bash!  A few teacher-authors over at Teachers Pay Teachers have decided to discount up to 4 bundles for ONE day only!

Are you ready?  Put these items on your wishlist now to make sure you grab them tomorrow!

My Complete Reading Program bundle, is already DEEPLY discounted from $18 (if you bought everything separately) to $8 and for tomorrow ONLY, it will be on sale for $6.00!  

My Fraction bundle contains 3 of my best sellers in one great product.  Listed for $6.99, it will be on sale tomorrow for ONLY $5.50.

My newest bundle!  These Math QR Code Task Cards are selling individually like hot cakes so I decided to bundle them to make them even more valuable to you!  A great value at only $4.50, but tomorrow, you can get them for $3.99!!!

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Holidays Tips, Activities and a TpT Giveaway!

The season is almost upon us!  There are less than 20 working days before the Christmas break and I'm sure everyone's getting pretty anxious and excited, including me!

Right around the holidays, it's always really tough to keep your students motivated and working.  They start to bicker a bit more, they're not listening anymore, they don't want to do any work, they just want to have fun.  So I've compiled a list of a few great activities and crafts that you can do in your classroom that are fun!

 Keep on reading, because I've also got together with a few Teachers pay Teachers colleagues and we are giving away two TpT gift certificates just in time for the holidays!  

Enjoy :)

Snow Globe Writing Activities

A colleague of mine sent me this pin today on Pinterest and I really wanted to share!  These are amazingly cute writing activities that students will ADORE!  I know my grades 5/6 will find this writing activity a hoot!  I would simply add it to their literacy centers and have them work on it during their writing block.

Click on each of the pictures to be taken to the original blog posts.

Tori's Teacher Tips

Primary Punch

Santa's Stuck! Writing Activity

When I found this one, I literally laughed out loud!  How cute is this little Santa stuck in the chimney!  It's a great writing prompt that students will enjoy creating.  For older students, I'd simply make the chimney a little longer (or even allow students to type and print).  

Christmas Craftivity : Rhyme Scheme

I created this one myself for you guys.  It's a fun activity for students, working on rhyme schemes (AABB, ABAB and ABCB) and then they carefully cut out the tree panels and create a 3-D Christmas tree that'll sure to wow them :)

Grab it while it's free!  Soon, it'll become part of my Christmas Craftivity bundle!

The Purple Teacher

Now onto the part you've been waiting for - the Giveaway!  Two lucky winners are going to walk away with some fantastic Teachers pay Teachers gift certificates!  All you have to do is enter below by following our TpT stores.  If you're not a part of the TpT family, you can sign up here!

Now head on over to these other fantastic blogs for more tips and ideas on how to celebrate for the holidays in your classroom!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Making it to $20,000

One of my goals with Teachers pay Teachers is to regularly make between $500-$1000 a month. Although this is completely achievable and I'm on my way to reach my goal, the first celebrated milestone with TpT is to earn $20,000. I'm just over 1/20th of the way, having just reached my own personal milestone of having earned $1000.

One of my TpT colleagues, The Pioneer Teacher, had managed to earn $20,000! Isn't this absolutely wonderful! To celebrate, she has asked some of us to participate in a HUGE giveaway! There are over 50 of us that joined in the fun to help her celebrate!

So without further ado, let's get you entered! Can you imagine winning one of these prize packs!?! I'm super excited for you :)

If you need to register with TpT, whether as a seller or as a buyer, click here. This will allow you to earn more entries by following stores on TpT.

K-1 Prize Pack :

Grade 2-3 Prize Pack :

Grade 4-5 Prize Pack :

Good luck!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What's going on in November!

I can't believe I just discovered this linky - I feel like I've been living under a rock!  Thanks to Oh' Boy 4th Grade for this wonderful linky!


I am currently on maternity leave, as my son is 7.5 months old, and right now, he's playing with his mound of toys.  He loves this.  He'll sit with all of his toys surrounding him and play with them, going from toy to toy to toy.  


When I was pregnant, I started craving tea (especially since coffee was WAY out of the question!) And then I discovered loose leaf tea!  It is way way way better than regular tea bag tea!  The flavour explosion is simply wonderful!  My mother-in-law got me two bags for Christmas and they were gone pretty quickly.  I had a friend who had an online tea party with Steeped Tea and I ordered a few more.  I just loved them!  I knew I wanted to join the company one day, but was waiting for things to calm down a bit.  Well, last week, I took the plunge!  I received my starter kit and... WOW!  I am still trying to get through all of it, but there's so much and it's all so great!


So, I just found out that Gilmore Girls is on Canadian Netflix and, well, it's tied in first place for my favourite show ever (with Friends)!  So, of course, I've been binge watching it while my son is napping.  I'm semi-working at the same time (it's on as I'm writing this blog post), but I have been spending a lot of time in front of the TV lately!

Only about 5 and a half more seasons to go before I'm done :) haha


One of my husband's hobbies is making his own wine.  He uses kits mostly - he does have a dandelion wine on the go, and last week decided to surprise me with a ice wine kit!  I love ice wine, I love sipping it after dinner.  Now, you HAVE to drink this stuff when it's ice cold, otherwise it's just not as good.  So I'm desperately wanting this wine to hurry up and ferment so we can age it!!

Fun little fact - did you know that it takes 4 bunches of grapes to make a bottle of wine and 40 bunches to make a bottle of ice wine?! Crazy eh!  Hence the huge price tag!


So, I know I'm crazy, and I really do want my son to become a young man but it's just going by waaaaay too fast! He has learned so much in the past 7 months, it's driving me crazy!  He's gone from not knowing anything, not being able to even hold his head up to crawling and climbing everywhere.  It's toooo fast!  This kid has to slow down and allow me to savour every single moment.  

Ahhhh, right.  I'm not going to get this wish, I know.  :)


My colleagues and I formed this book club last year.  Every two months, we meet up at someone's house, we chit chat, we eat, we drink and we discuss a book.  The hostess gets to pick a book and this time, it was my turn! I chose Defending Jacob by William Landay after a lot of research and I'm so glad I picked it!  If you haven't read it yet, you must!  It's really, really good!

Want to read more?  Head on over to Oh' Boy 4th grade!

Have a great month!

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Book Whisperer : Chapter 7

Missed the previous chapters?  Read them here!

The Book Whisperer.png

Alas, this day has come.  The last day in our wonderful Book Study Blog Hop.  I don't know about you, but I know I've learned a lot.  More than I ever thought I would by reading a book.  Maybe it's the book, maybe it's making me write about it or maybe it's both, but I know that my reading program in my classroom will absolutely change when I go back.

Donalyn Miller wrote a wonderful book that I truly believe every teacher needs to read.  Yes, I understand the important of reading strategies, story elements and literary devices, but the point of this book was deeper than that.  It was about getting students to read.  No, sorry, it's about them becoming readers.

Letting Go

In this final chapter, Miller muses about her students, her way of teaching and whether or not she's doing the right thing by teaching her students how to become readers since they now become acutely aware of what they are missing in future years when other teachers force them to read certain books instead of allowing them to choose.

Of course she's right.  The fact that students are continuously coming back to her for book recommendations and even just to chat about books is, right there, proof.  Her students test scores are even more proof.  

Thirty minutes of independent reading.  A day!  Allowing students to choose their own books, to discuss about these books, to talk about what they liked, what they disliked, what they recommend, allowing them to discover the genre that they adore, all of this is possible!  And it's so easy!

And it starts with one basic fact : let students choose what book they want to read.  Oh, and then let them read it.  

As promised, I have created a super product for you that will help you implement everything in your reading program.  Since I know that reading strategies and story elements must still be taught, I have included them in this product.  But I don't intend for you to use them for any old book.  I want your students to answer these questions about the book they are reading.  Let them choose what element they want to feature that week!  Let them figure out what they want to talk to you about in their reader's notebook!  Let them pick.  Let them read.

Click on the image to buy your copy today!

I have learned a lot these past 7 weeks and I hope you have as well!  Let me know how your reading program has changed because of this book, I'd really love to hear from you.

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Book Whisperer : Chapter 6

Missed the previous chapters?  Read them here!

The Book Whisperer.png

I can't believe I have ONE chapter left after this one! This has been an amazing book that really has transformed my way of thinking about the reading component in my classroom. I really encourage everyone to get their own copy and read it. It's an easy read, and very thought provoking. I bet it'll change the way you teach reading in your classroom!

Cutting the Teacher Strings

Chapter 6 is a long one, but very interesting. She gives reasons why traditional reading practices don't work, such as whole-class novels, comprehension tests, book reports and reading logs and then gives us a list of alternatives that would really enhance our reading programs in our classrooms.

She understands that most of us are mandated to teach reading strategies or are required to teach certain books or novels, but she gives us alternative ways to teach what we have to teach, all while making sure students read what they want to read.

While reading this chapter, I couldn't help but think back to my classroom. Where students had to read what I forced them to read, and answer questions based on different reading strategies. I taught the strategies one by one, having students practice that strategy over and over again. I remember questioning this practice once when students who obviously had no issues reading were forced to do this work that just made reading awful. But I never actually stopped this practice. I never sat back and tried to think of a way to change my classroom for the better.

So this is it for me. No more comprehension tests, no more forced book reports, no more reading logs. I can teach what I have to teach while students read what they want to read.
Developing readers don't need more reading strategies to help them. They need to read. What's the point of throwing more strategies at them that is simply taking away from reading time? Plus, have you ever noticed how students can recite to you what the reading strategies are and yet they don't always apply them?

So what am I going to do instead? Miller lists so many alternative ideas that are fantastic! I've also thought of a few myself (look for new blog posts soon!)

I'm actually really looking forward to implementing these changes in my classroom!

Are you ready for this week's freebie? Make sure to grab it because NEXT Monday, I am taking them all down and releasing an amazing HUGE file that will help you implement everything that I have learned from this book. 

This week, I am offering a rubric for grades 4-8 for a book review.

Enjoy and see you next week for the final chapter of The Book Whisperer!

Read Chapter 7