Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It's my DUE date!

That's right, today, March 18th, is the day my unborn child is due.  Now I know that means nothing in the real world, but seriously, how hard would it be for him to come out NOW!  Alas... he's as stubborn as his mother and is afraid of change like his father!

Anyway, I'm working on some Fraction Bingo template cards today and hoping to get those posted up later for you guys.  I'm looking forward to finishing these, wish I had them while I was in the classroom still!  Kids LOVE to play BINGO and what better way to have them consolidate fractions skills by playing a game!  It'll be fun! Here's a sneak peak :

Last note for today - I've discounted my 75+ Reading Comprehension Questions Fan by 50% off!  These are GREAT to use in your classroom for whole-group discussion or in your literacy centers.  My students used them in their literacy centers by asking each other questions from the bundle, depending on which reading strategy we were working on.  It was great!  They loved the group work aspect, I loved the discussions that were happening because of these questions! Get them before 9pm est (unless you want to pay full price, which is more than fine with me!)

Head on over to my TPT's page and get your copy of my 75+ Reading Comprehension Questions Fan today!

Have a great day everyone! Enjoy!