Friday, May 30, 2014

Five for Friday {May 30th}

Five for Friday {May 30th} Doodle Bugs Teaching

I've decided to try something new - a linky party hosted by Doodle Bugs Teaching.   I'm hoping to join in every Friday, so why don't you click on over to the right there and start following me for some great fun!

 So here they are!  My first FIVE FOR FRIDAY!

Although I am not there with them physically (on maternity leave), I am with them in spirit.  My grade 6 students are currently on their 5th day of the EQAO Provincial test.  It's a province-wide Grade 3/6/9 test that lasts 6 full mornings.  It's not fun, but I know they are going to do GREAT!  

This week, my son turned 2 months old!  Time FLIES!  On one hand, it feels like I was just in that hospital bed, not being able to take my eyes off of his sweet face and looking on with pride while my husband changed his first diaper (of MANY!)  On the other hand, it feels like I've had him forever.  I couldn't imagine life without him.  I am so blessed to have such the perfect little family.  

Happy 2 month birthday C!

SUNSHINE has arrived!  We have had a brutal winter and I am proud to say that the heat has been turned off during the day time (ok, maybe we keep it on at night, it's still a little chilly!)

So don't mind me if I start kicking off my shoes, going barefoot and running through our field of dandelions! :)

This week, I've also made some progress on my Interactive Poetry Notebook that I'm making.  It's going to be an amazing product, full of interactive goodness - everything a teacher will need to teach their poetry unit! It's my first BIG product that I'm posting on TPT, one that's taking me quite a while to complete!  I'm pretty excited and hoping to be able to release it within the next 2-3 weeks or so!  So stay tuned!

I've kept my big news for last!  I hit my own little milestone with TPT this week, and I'm SO proud of myself!  I started selling on TPT about 3 months ago, and have now sold 100 products!  To me, that's quite a feat! 
My next goal is to sell 100 products by the end of July (2 months).  With summer, I'm sure it'll be a tough goal to reach, but I know I can do it :)

Have you ever thought of selling on TPT?  If so, use my referral link and get started today!  It's easy and FREE to join.

Have a great weekend everyone!