Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Two Cents - Cutting Funds from the Education System

We are headed to a provincial election soon here in my province (Ontario, Canada) and the big headline this time around is major funding cuts to our education system.

I'm not one to usually talk much about politics.  My wants are fairly simple. I want a balanced budget, I want programs for people who need it and I want the ones in charge to think about long-term advantage instead of short-term gains.  

But if there is one thing that holds dear to my heart, it's our education system.  I want our government to value our education system and our teachers.  I want them to shout out from the roof tops about the richness we bring to our classrooms and to our students.  I want them to acknowledge that we work way longer than 9-3 and our vacations are often spent working on classroom needs.  

I want them to realize that we aren't in it for the money, or the summer's off.  We are in this wonderful career because we care about the well-being of every single child in our classroom.  We want them to thrive, to flourish, to get the best education they can, and we will work day and night to make sure every child in our classroom gets a chance.  We care about them becoming the best adults they can.

Tim Hudak and the Convervative party wants to cut funds to our education system.  He wants to cut too many jobs, freeze our wages and increase class sizes.  I applaud him for wanting to balance the budget, but I despise him for what he wants to do to our education system.  He simply doesn't understand.

A teacher's job is never ending.  It never, ever does.  Most of us will often be thinking about certain students and how to reach them, or be re-evaluating a lesson plan that we did that day, or grading papers late into the night because you know that giving feedback within the proper time frame is what's best for them.  I can't tell you how often I've been out and about and an idea will pop into my head, some great idea for my classroom, and I will either have to write it down or talk it out with my husband.  I am always on the look out, always thinking about ways to improve my students' experiences in my classroom.

Spending money in our education system will always pay off.  Always.  Improving our education system means improving every single system in the next 15-20 years, because those students that are in school now, will eventually become engineers, accountants, doctors, lawyers, politicians, nurses, business owners, hair stylists, etc.  Every single person in the workforce in our country has one thing in common : they all went to school.  They were all influenced one way or another by the quality of teachers.

So instead of undervaluing teachers and negating what they do, let's enrich teachers.  Let's value the work they do, let's show them we are grateful.  Let's say thank you.

To all the teachers out there who do a wonderful job : Thank you.

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