Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sell It Saturday {June 14th}

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Ok, so technically my first product for my very first Sell it Saturday doesn't need to be sold.  It just needs to be downloaded.  That's right, it's my FREEBIE

I Have, Who Has is a game that I discovered last year and fell in love with it.  My students love it, I love it and we all learn and have fun with it.  If you have never heard of this game, you NEED to head on over to this link here - it'll explain how the game works.  It's fairly easy, straightforward and can be used for a multitude of subjects.

What I love about the game is that it does reinforce the subject matter, but it also promotes cooperation and active listening skills.  Active listening is sometimes a little hard for students, but this game promotes it in a very fun way.  

There are a few variations of play.  You can have each student standing up first and then they must sit down when they have said their card.  You can time how long it takes them to go through the whole game and then, after reshuffling and dealing the cards, trying to beat that time (this is my preferred way of playing).  I've also seen some teachers make a type of Bingo card with the answers.  When a student gives an answer (I have...), they must cross it off on their card.  This way, even if a student has the first card, he must still listen for the rest of the game for a chance to win Bingo.  

My FREE game for you is available in French and English (as most of my products are).  The concept in this particular game is converting percentages to fractions (without any decimal points).  

You can use this game at the beginning of your unit to see how your students do and then again at the end as a test prep.  This is when timing is fun, as your students will notice how much they've learned and improved!

So head on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store right now to download your own copy of my FREE I Have Who Has math game : Converting percentages to Fractions.  

Helpful hints :

* Print on cardstock and laminate.  This will increase the durability of your product
* Product is in colour, but can also be printed in black & white without affecting the integrity of the product
* Store in a ziploc bag that you label with the corresponding math unit.  
* You can also store using a binder ring
* You might want to number the back of the cards with a pencil for a quick and easy reference guide if a student is stuck

If you do download this product, please be nice and provide feedback!  :)

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Have a great weekend!