Saturday, June 14, 2014

You Oughta Know About : Whole Brain Teaching {June 14th}

Have you ever made a classroom discovery that you're so excited about you just have to shout out from the roof tops?  Well, let me tell you - I am SHOUTING from the roof tops!  You might have heard about it before, you might even use it in your classroom already, but if you haven't, you MUST look into Whole Brain Teaching for your classroom.  

Last summer, I was doing a lot of online research for my classroom, visiting different teacher blogs, finding ideas on Teachers Pay Teachers and I came across an idea : Whole Brain Teaching.  It intrigued me.  I watched a few videos.  They were neat, but I didn't get how the teacher got his students to act that way - was it all staged?  Then I went on their website and read.  And read.  And read.  I watched more videos and then I knew, I just had to implement this system in my classroom.

Whole Brain teaching focuses on short directions from the teacher and having students repeat to each other what the instructions were.  Hand gestures are used (you make them up usually), certain cues are used, and a whole lot of fun is used.  I'm not going to explain everything - the website has it all - but I will explain why you need to implement this in your classroom!


Students LOVE it!  Seriously, they do!  They're allowed to be LOUD and creative and get up to make hand gestures to talk to their partner.  They're allowed to scream OH YEAH when they get a point and groan and moan when I get a point (so much fun - even though we're not playing for anything besides bragging rights).  They love giving ideas on how I could say Class and having them answer Yes in the same manner.  It made my classroom fun.  And you know what?  They learned and retained like never before!


It helps those in need.  You know that kid in your classroom, the one that can't follow, gets distracted too easily? This is perfect for him.  When I teach, I never talked for more than a couple of minutes before getting them to teach to one another. So this kid is getting 2 minutes of instruction from the teacher, then another 30 seconds from a student and then he has to repeat it!  Strategic placement might be required for him to follow along in the first place, but he can, I promise!  


It combines classroom management in with teaching.  There are rules, but they are fun and with gestures.  This Whole Brain teaching really makes your job so much easier!

It might take some getting used to, and you might forget sometimes (I know I did), but I know my students absolutely adored working with me this year.  They loved teaching to one another (frankly, it's because they loved talking more than anything, and this allowed them to!)  So please, head on over to Whole Brain teaching and find out how you can make this work for you!

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Have a great weekend!