Friday, July 25, 2014

Five for Friday {July 25th

Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope everyone's having a fantastic summer so far!  I just spent the last few days at our cottage and we are leaving later today for a vacation out west (Western Canada).  It's been GREAT so far, even my 4 month old son is having a grand ol' time.  Today, for Five for Friday, I decided to share some great articles relating to vacations!  

15 Reasons Couples Should Go On Vacation Instead Of Buying Stuff

Yes, we live in a materialistic world where buying stuff is fun.  But have you ever thought of giving up buying stuff and going travelling instead?  Ok, maybe not giving up stuff completely, but I do agree with this article that we should be travelling instead of buying more stuff all the time!  

I have even decided that I'd like to minimize the amount of toys my son receives for Christmas and birthdays and increase the amount of experiences he has.  He would much prefer an afternoon at the zoo with Grand-ma and Grand-pa instead of a toy.  When he's older, he's going to cherish those memories!  

The Importance of Vacations, for Stress Relief, Productivity and Health

Have you ever wondered about the importance of taking vacations?  This article outlines it quite nicely for you!  I have always gone on vacation, at least one "big" trip per year and often several little weekends getaways throughout the year.  Sometimes it can take a hit on my budget, but I simply allocate a certain amount each month to my travel fund (I actually have money transferred to a dedicated account every paycheck just for travelling purposes!) 

13 Staycation Ideas

Haven't started your travel fund yet and don't have funds to go anywhere?  That's ok!  This wonderful article gives you 13 great Staycation ideas.  I need to do this more often, there are so many areas in my region that I haven't visited yet!

How to Kick Back, Relax, and Vacation at Home

Need help on HOW to go about a Staycation?  This article has great tips and ideas to help you relax at home, all while feeling like you're miles away from home.  There are some amazing ideas here, such as turning off or muting phones and having an "out of office" message for your e-mail.  

How Vacation Affects your Happiness

Need more incentive to get away this summer?  Look at this article that summarizes a study done in Netherlands about how a vacation affects your happiness.  Seriously, after that article, you'll be packing your bags ASAP!

Well, I can't let my husband do all the prep work before we leave this afternoon!  Have a great weekend!

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