Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Positively Pinspiring {July 16th}

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Engaging students

Have you ever had a lesson just fall flat?  You're in the front of the class, talking away, and realizing that no one is engaged, no one is motivated by what's going on?  Yeah, unfortunately this does happen to even the best of us.  I have had this happen, and shake things up by adding lunges or squats as I'm talking.  The students always look at me like I'm crazy, they start listening, and we all start doing squats or lunges! haha

This blog post gives you GREAT ideas to engage students quickly at the beginning of a lesson.


I have used bookmarks in the past as referential tools, but mostly for language arts.  I saw this on Pinterest and have been wondering why I didn't think of this a long time ago!  These bookmarks are perfect for quick referential tools for math concepts that students have a hard time grasping.  I love it!  

Noise level

Wow!  I found this this week and I am amazed! I didn't know this even existed and I am so excited to share! I do have a poster in my classroom that talks about noise levels that are appropriate, but students sometimes still don't get it (sometimes?  Ok, I lied. Always).  This website allows you to hook up a microphone and it'll measure the classroom noise in a fun way (the bouncy balls bounce).  A great way to show students how much noise they are making.  You can make it into a game - starting with making LOTS of noise to see how high they can bounce, and then ending with a discussion on classroom appropriate noise level.

You can also change the bouncy balls to eye balls, emoji or even bubbles.  Very cute indeed!

DIY Candles

I am loving all things crafty lately and this pinterest really got my creative juices flowing!  This candle can easily be given as housewarming gifts, Thinking of you moments, wedding favours, or even as thank you to all the volunteers in your classroom! 

Those are my pins of the week!  Don't forget to head on over to Mrs Plemon's Kindergarten for more great Positively Pinspiring blogs!

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