Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Making Reading Fun!

Happy Wednesday!

This Wednesday, I'm linking up with Mrs Plemons' Kindergarten for her wonderful Positively Pinspiring linky.  I have found quite a few wonderful pins this week that I'd love to share with you!

It all started with this pin here :

Marci Coombs

This pin was found while I was created my Back to School Bulletin Boards blog post, and I loved the idea!  A (small) part of me wished I wasn't on maternity leave so that I could go and do this in my classroom, but alas, it'll have to wait (hence why I pinned it, so I can easily find it next year).  

This is such a neat and cool way to make your classroom library just a little more fun for students.  It might take a bit of work, but once it's done, I'm sure you'll definitely be reaping the rewards!

Then, a little while later, I found this pin :

Unfortunately, it was an image-only pin, so I can't properly give credit. If it's yours, please let me know!

This is a reading chain, and it can inspire students to read and keep on adding links to their chains when they read a book.  I just thought it was a neat idea to see how many books one classroom can read!  It'd be a neat challenge to see how many books can be read in a month or two.

My next reading pin is a Bucket List that I absolutely adore :

No Time for Flash Cards

Isn't this cute!  I know summer break is a long time away, but you can also change this and make it a Grade 5 Reading Bucket List (or whatever grade you're teaching), and have students try to complete the bucket list before the end of the school year.  An interesting challenge that I'm sure most students would love to face head on!

And now for the last pin I found :

The Iowa Farmer's Wife

This isn't necessarily for the classroom, but these are great ideas to give to your parents on Teacher-Parent night to help them make reading fun for their child.  It gives a list of different ways to "read" with/to your child.  

Loving to read is something that is taught at home first, and sometimes, parents need a little reminder that reading isn't something that is just for school, but should be done at home too.

There you go, a few pins that I found throughout the week that should help make reading a little more fun for your students!


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