Saturday, August 9, 2014

You Oughta Know About : Smart Classroom Management {August 9th}

I'm blog hopping with an amazing crew of teachers-bloggers to bring you another edition of You Ought Know - a blog hop about classroom essentials that you just HAVE to know about! I have learned so much in the past two monthly blog hops and I'm sure this month won't disappoint!

You can read about Whole Brain Teaching here and Weekly Paragraph Writing here (and don't forget to keep on hopping from blog to blog for more great ideas and tips.)

This month, I am writing about a website/book that I found that gives amazing tips on classroom management.  We all know that classroom management is very important for a successful year, but sometimes, we struggle a little bit to achieve that dream classroom we all want.

It's time to meet Michael Linsin, his blog and his book.

Oh man.  I can go forever and ever about the amazing way this man has changed my classroom management skills.  He talks about not undermining your role, taking charge of students behaviour, how and when to intervene with students and, what I consider the most important facet of a dream classroom : how to set your routine and being consistent.  He also makes it quite clear that as a teacher, you must be a storyteller, you must make your classroom FUN and interactive.  This is part of your job, and will make things run a lot smoother.

I read the book a few years ago, and I do find the book is worth every penny, but if you can't justify spending any more money (which I don't blame you!) then I strongly suggest reading through the articles he posts.  There are many!  I don't usually sign up for many newsletters, but this is one that I love receiving!

Here's an article on How to Have Effective Classroom Management.  And yet another one 6 Things You Must Do On The First Day Of School. In fact, there are 8 articles on the first days of schools!  To browse through them all, visit his website here.

You can follow Michael Linsin and Smart Classroom Management on Facebook as well.

And there you had it!  My classroom essential tip for the month of August.  I hope you find it useful!

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