Friday, September 19, 2014

5 great FREE math apps that you need to use in your classroom!

Yay!  It's Friday!  This week on Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching, I have found 5 absolutely-fantastic-must-have math apps that are simply wonderful for your classroom (or even your own kids!)  

Oh - and they're all FREE!  

In this app, you create your own rocket and you complete missions that deal with numbers, telling time, money (US currency), 3D shapes and arithmetic. 

The game is to keep your rocket in the air as long as possible by completing math challenges.  The current version is rated 4 1/2 stars on iTunes and is only available for apple products (iPhone and iPad).  The app states that it's for kids 9-11, but one reviewer stated that her 5 year old and gifted 10 year old enjoy this game.  

Math Puppy is a free app for apple users that allow kids of all ages to practice their math skills.  They  have two different games :  Bingo and Challenge, 3 different difficulty levels and 5 game modes : Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide and All-in-one.  

This app is like flash cards, but to the extreme!  Plus, with the Bingo game, it's fun trying to fill in a line to win!  Or try and challenge yourself by answering 5 correctly to move onto the next level.  

Considering all of the different options, I'd use this app from grade 1 to grade 8 and allow students to work at a level that challenges them.  

Ok, so their name can be a little more creative but this game is absolutely perfect for kids who are just started to learn how to count and recognize numbers!  Compatible with the iPad only, this app provides different levels of difficulty (from Counting up to 5 and Counting up to 20).  

The app will show the number as well as pronounce it when kids tap on the image, and when they get the right answer, the app will cheer them on for some great encouragement.  

Cute images and sounds make this game a perfect one to help students count and recognize numbers - a definite skill to build number sense!

In this game, students learn how to solve equations by dragging balloons into desired locations with numbers or operations and earn points!  But you must be quick because the balloons fly away!
It's also a great way to have students understand what the equal sign actually means.  

Designed for the iPhone and the iPad, this game has 5 difficulty levels and is perfect for many age levels.

In this app (again, designed for apple users), students can practice their adding and subtracting skills in a fun game that seems engaging and interesting.  When the right answer is clicked, the bird drops the apple to feed the "math bug". 

Easier levels also include a visual to help students count, and once a certain number of correct answers are reached, the app will automatically advance to the next level.  It also states that the app is designed to track users ability and become progressively more challenging as skill's increase.

How have you used math apps in your classroom?

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