Friday, September 5, 2014

5 ways to use technology in your classroom!

Today, I'm teaming up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday linky!  I have found 5 different and neat ways to use technology in your classroom that are sure to motivate and engage your students (and they're not all that hard to use!)

Bistrips for School

Using comic strips in the classroom is always a fantastic way to engage students and you can integrate it in many subject areas. 

Bitstrips for school is a software that allows your whole class to come together and create comics.  Very classroom-friendly and easy to use.  They create their avatars, you can assign activities to your classroom and they have fun! It does cost $10/month, but if you use it to its full potential, that $10 a month is very, very worth it!

It's also a perfect tool to allow students to show you how they have mastered a skill or concept.  Instead of a typical book report, students can create a comic about the book! Students can create a comic based on a science concept they have learned, or create a comic about a math concept to add to their math journals. The list is endless!

Don't have $10/month, then here's a list of 6 free comic strip generators for you.


Edmodo is a similar platform to Facebook, but is designed to be safe and classroom-friendly.  Students sign up and enter your classroom with your classroom code (this makes it secure).  They can post to the "wall" and engage in discussions.  You can assign your students quizzes and assignments, and it gives you a great glimpse into how your students are doing!  

You can also add the app to your mobile and always be connected (which can be positive or negative!) And it's free!


I love having a classroom blog, and I think it's a fantastic way to have students collaborate and use technology in a positive manner! It's free and similarly to Edmodo, you have access to it anywhere you can access the Internet.

Kidblog is a great way to have students collaborate and promotes classroom discussions.  You can also use it as formative assessment, create an e-portfolio or reflect on what they've learned.  It's a great way to integrate technology in your classroom!

Perfect anchor chart for Kidblog!

QR Codes

I just discovered QR codes this year, and although you do need a device in your classroom with a QR reader application, these are a lot of fun!

I use them in my math centers (as you can see by my Task cards here and here).  I have seen scavenger hunts that look like a lot of fun as well, but I haven't had a chance to try those yet. 

They allow students to self-check their work, but because you're using technology, students immediately become more engaged and enjoy the work.  It sounds weird, but it works! 

To generate a QR code, simply head to this website and follow the instructions.  Super easy!

Remind (formerly Remind 101)

This is one that I have yet to use, but I've heard some great things about it and I do plan on trying it out soon! 

Remind is an application that allows you to text students and parents quickly and efficiently without giving out your number (they can't respond).  This allows you to send reminders, homework, assessments or even positive messages to students and parents safely.

How do you integrate technology in your classroom?

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