Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Number Sense Games!

Another Wednesday linky with Mrs Plemons' Kindergarten! I love Positively Pinspiring, it gives me a chance to let you know what I've explored in the world of Pinterest this past week, and we all know how amazing Pinterest is!

This week, I've focused on number sense.  Number sense, to me, is so important and every teacher should be working on that right now in their classrooms (and one day, I'll explain why in a blog post). To help you along, I have found 5 pins this week that will have your students developing their number sense in fun and creative ways!  Read on and enjoy :)

Step Into Second Grade

Now THIS is such a fun game, I wish I would have thought of it!  This is an anchor chart, laminated and every day, the teacher thinks of a number and have students ask questions to try and guess the number!  At the bottom of the anchor chart, you can see where they discussed what makes a good question and gave examples as well.  

I love this.  Easily adaptable for older grades (questions such as "Is it a multiple of 3?", "Is there an 8 in the thousands place?", "Can it be divided by 4?"), especially if you start working with large numbers.  Don't start working with large numbers if students haven't mastered smaller numbers yet!!

This can also be adapted and worked into one of your math centers.  One student picks a number and have the others guess.  This works on their math skills both ways!  The student picking the number must be able to properly answer. This is where differentiation works its magic and you could have smaller groups working on different sets of numbers.
I love Bingo games to practice and develop different math concepts (as you can tell from my Fraction Bingo game and my Place Value Bingo game in my TpT store) and this one is so easy to do!  The template is free from, all you need to do is sign up with them to download your template (signing up is free).  But if you decide to make this yourself, it doesn't really seem that hard to do! Grab some Bingo Templates online (that's my google search for you) and write down some numbers!  This way, you can make it work for younger grades as well as older grades!

Math Coach's Corner

Now for this great game from Math Coach's Corner, you do need two different coloured dice, but that shouldn't be too hard! Other than that, I absolutely LOVE this game!  It's great to add in your math centers, and she's giving it to you for free!  There's even a blank template for you to create your own, which is great for you to adapt for your own grade level!

When a student works on representing a number in different ways, they are making connections in their brain and really solidifying that number.  They're seeing the number one way, then seeing it being used another way and then making the connection between the two.  4 and four are now the same thing, as is 2x2 and 3+1 and 2^2.  Very important to work on this skill!

Pre-k Pages

The Ziploc Quilt Math Game.  I was blown away when I saw this!  First, I was just so excited to find this Ziploc Quilt because it makes ANY subject more fun and interesting and you can adapt it to anything you're teaching. 

But since this post is about number sense, I'll explain to you how this particular game works.  First, you must create your quilt. Made from Ziploc (or no-name cheap sandwich bags), you lay them out, however many you wish (although don't do too may or it won't be manageable!) and then use duct tape to stick them together.  Leave the back open, so you can easily insert new cards and really make this quilt adaptable!.  

Then you work on creating your cards.  This particular set of cards features dotted domino and the numbers written in standard form.  The students must flip a card and "swat" at the number in the quilt that corresponds with the number they flipped over.

I'm pretty sure most students are going to love swatting at this quilt and for older grades, you can place them in pairs and see who can swat the card first (and that person wins the card - and see who has the most cards in the end).

Now just take a moment to start thinking about all the possibilities... Q&A from Science, Alphabet recognition... ahhh!  Isn't it amazing!

Last but not least, this is something that I do in my own classroom every day as part of my math block and I really do enjoy it - Number of the Day!  You can read more about it here.

I print out this page (double-sided) and it's enough for 4 days worth.  I pick a number and students must work with that number in different ways.  They work in groups of twos (usually, although if someone wants to work alone, that's fine too).  We do go over this quickly afterwards, and students absolutely love sharing the word problem that they came up with (sometimes they're very unique and quite funny!)

The Purple Teacher

I have created this template and am giving it away for free!  You can grab it here.

And there you have it!  Number sense is so important in your classroom, I'd love to hear your tips and tricks!

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