Thursday, September 18, 2014

Organizing your Literacy Centers with Reading Strategy Questions

Today, I'd love to introduce to you one of the first products I ever made that I have up for sale on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I use it ALL the time in my classroom, and I'm sure you'll love it too!  It's my Reading Fan : 75+ Reading Strategy Questions for fiction books.  Seriously, a GREAT product that I'm sure you'll enjoy over and over again.

It all started last summer when I got frustrated trying to organize my literacy centers routine and not knowing how I was going to have time to make specific questions about different books I wanted my students to read,  especially questions that targeted different reading strategies.  I needed students to be able to do this independently so that I could remain with my small group.

So I got thinking, and thinking, and thinking, and then I did some research.  Found an idea on Pinterest about a reading fan (I wish I could find the pin for you now!) and decided to make my own.  I made 75+ generic questions divided into 10 different reading strategies.

The 10 different reading strategies that I targeted in this product are the following :

• Visualizing

• Activating Prior Knowledge

• Appreciating

• Asking Questions

• Making Connections

• Synthesizing

• Determining Importance

• Inferring

• Summarizing

• Anticipating

Some questions are meant to be used before reading, some afterwards and some during.

All you need to do when you buy the file is laminate, cut into strips and bind together (I used a binder ring),

One of my literacy centers includes my students reading the same book together, and they have to pick one question per week that they must answer in complete sentences.  They discuss the answer together, and then come up with one perfect answer to the question, ensuring that they follow the proper format for a short answer.  Sometimes I will specify from which reading strategy they must pick their question from, other times, they are free to choose.

For a free template, click on the image.

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