Friday, September 26, 2014

5 Great Thanksgiving Activities

I know you guys are thinking I'm a little nuts to talk about Thanksgiving right now, but in Canada, our Thanksgiving is in two weeks!  So I figured I'd write this post now and you can simply pin it for later use :)

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You know how you're always racking your brain and searching Pinterest for ideas on gifts students can make for their parents, or crafts they can do?  Well, now your search is over! 

This Thanksgiving Crafts & Gifts set from Bryn Even at The Primary Patch is perfect!  In this packet, you'll receive the black line master copies of :

12 different Thanksgiving Coffee Cup Sleeves

9 different Thanksgiving Coasters

5 different Thanksgiving Cards

1 Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Craftivity

This is the ultimate perfect resource for many years to come! And I 

know your students will love working on the coffee cup sleeves for

 their parents!

This next activity blends art and writing in one!  It's If I were a Thanksgiving Turkey by Mrs Beattie's Classroom.  

These turkeys are so darn cute!  This activity is full of templates to bring your students through the whole writing process (on being a turkey! haha) and then have a very fun turkey craft at the end to bring it all together.  

Do you love interactive games that you can play with the whole class?  Then head on over to Pink Cat Studio to pick up this wonderful resource!

These Interactive PowerPoint Games are sure to make any subject fun and interesting for your students!  There are 4 fun games that you can use with any review questions :

Game #1: Gobble Gobble Run! - Turkeys compete in a foot race

 to reach the finish line first! 

Game #2: Turkey Tower – Stack the turkey chicks the highest to

 win the game!

Game #3: Top of the Pile – Roll your cute leaf character to the top

 of the leaf pile to win the game!

Game #4: Pie in the Sky – Catch falling pies from the sky and

 balance five in a stack to win the game!

Here's another great product from Diamond Mom that is sure to be a hit as well!  It's Give Thanks Math and Language Activities.  Over 10 activities, from writing poetry to charting what your students had for supper, that will have your students enjoying this lovely time of the year.

There are even some pumpkin cookies and muffin recipes that I might try soon ;)  I'll let you know how they turn out!

Finally, I have uploaded my own Thanksgiving product - an original poem that students will read (and re-read!) and then using the templates provided, go through the writing process to write their own Thanksgiving poem.  

The poem focuses on rhyme and repetition and also has students discussion narration and point of view.  It is available at 50% off for the next 24 hours, so grab your copy today!

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