Friday, October 17, 2014

{Giveaway} Halloween in my Classroom

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Halloween in my Classroom

Part of the Halloween fun is seeing how everyone is dressed up, but at my school, we don't have a celebration or assembly, so it's a little tough to do.  Instead, I take my students and we tour the school, going to each classroom and simply taking note of everyone's fabulous costumes.  My students love it, as they can show off their costume as well as see what everyone else is wearing.  Some costumes are downright amazing!

After we head back to the classroom, we have a discussion on all the costumes we saw, which were our favourites, our least favourites, scared us, gave us ideas for next year, etc.

This leads into our writing activity : My Favourite Costume.  It's a quick writing activity where students write about their favourite costume of the day.  We've already brainstormed, so the students start on their rough draft, swap with another student to revise and correct it and then use the template to write their final copy.  The final copy goes up on their lockers (I have hot-glued a page protector on their locker to show off their work).  Make sure to grab your free copy of the template (I also included a US spelling version for my American friends!)

Since holidays are always a very exciting time in the classroom, I really try to find educational activities that are fun and exciting for the students.  For my math block, I love doing Math Scavenger Hunts with my students.  I have one device capable of reading QR codes that's often used in a math center, but for this day, I'll allow students to use their own device.  In groups, they'll work to decode the 3 hidden messages by solving various math problems.  I love this activity!  They get to interact with their friends, use technology and (shhh! Don't tell them) do some math work!

I know not every classroom has access to QR codes, so I made a version of my Halloween Scavenger Hunt that doesn't have them.  Maybe not as much fun, but still really neat!

Halloween afternoon, I try to keep it relaxed, as they spend the morning working.  We will do a craft, listen to some spooky music, read our read-aloud book and just plain ol' talk.  It's a great day spent together, and it's even better now that Halloween falls on a Friday and we won't get the sugar-high students tomorrow! :)


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