Monday, November 3, 2014

The Book Whisperer : Chapter 7

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Alas, this day has come.  The last day in our wonderful Book Study Blog Hop.  I don't know about you, but I know I've learned a lot.  More than I ever thought I would by reading a book.  Maybe it's the book, maybe it's making me write about it or maybe it's both, but I know that my reading program in my classroom will absolutely change when I go back.

Donalyn Miller wrote a wonderful book that I truly believe every teacher needs to read.  Yes, I understand the important of reading strategies, story elements and literary devices, but the point of this book was deeper than that.  It was about getting students to read.  No, sorry, it's about them becoming readers.

Letting Go

In this final chapter, Miller muses about her students, her way of teaching and whether or not she's doing the right thing by teaching her students how to become readers since they now become acutely aware of what they are missing in future years when other teachers force them to read certain books instead of allowing them to choose.

Of course she's right.  The fact that students are continuously coming back to her for book recommendations and even just to chat about books is, right there, proof.  Her students test scores are even more proof.  

Thirty minutes of independent reading.  A day!  Allowing students to choose their own books, to discuss about these books, to talk about what they liked, what they disliked, what they recommend, allowing them to discover the genre that they adore, all of this is possible!  And it's so easy!

And it starts with one basic fact : let students choose what book they want to read.  Oh, and then let them read it.  

As promised, I have created a super product for you that will help you implement everything in your reading program.  Since I know that reading strategies and story elements must still be taught, I have included them in this product.  But I don't intend for you to use them for any old book.  I want your students to answer these questions about the book they are reading.  Let them choose what element they want to feature that week!  Let them figure out what they want to talk to you about in their reader's notebook!  Let them pick.  Let them read.

Click on the image to buy your copy today!

I have learned a lot these past 7 weeks and I hope you have as well!  Let me know how your reading program has changed because of this book, I'd really love to hear from you.