Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My favourite things : 3 read aloud books for every middle school

I am joining with Teaching Trio for my 3 favourite things this month and I've decided to bring you three of my favourite read aloud books that I believe should be read in every grade 5-6 class.

I have read all of these novels with my class at some point or another throughout the years, and the favourite, by far, is A Series of Unfortunate Events.  Seriously, students just gobble them up, and I love that they will often start reading the rest of the novels in the series on their own. We have always ended the book by watching the movie, which is always fun.

One day, as we're reading Holes together, I had a student come up to me and thank me for introducing him to this novel, as it was the first book that he wanted to read ahead of time and felt like he could because it wasn't too hard, but didn't make him feel stupid.  I will definitely keep on reading this one with my students!  And, because I love pre-reading activities as well as posters up on my wall, I'm sharing one of my freebies with you here!  My Holes Pre-Reading Activity Poster is a fun way to start off your read aloud!  Click here to download it now (I'd also love it if you left me feedback!)

I also believe that children should be exposed to classic novels, and Anne of Green Gables is a wonderful way to introduce a Canadian author.  Plus it's one of my favourite novels from my childhood, so I get pretty excited about it, which means the students get pretty excited about it! It's always on my list of novels to read to my students and should be on yours too!

Enjoyed my 3 favourite things for this month?  Head on over to Teaching Trio to read more!

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