Friday, June 26, 2015

Daring to Dream!!

This week, our TpT challenge has asked me to talk about my dreams.  And they dared me to dream BIG. I mean, REALLY BIG. 

And when I started thinking about what I wanted and what made me feel amazing, I realized that my number one goal with TpT is to help other teachers.

I recently helped a new teacher transition into his classroom at the beginning of May.  Poor guy was fresh out of teachers college and they literally dropped him in the classroom on Monday without any transition, without any time to prepare (he was hired on the previous Friday and wasn't from the region).  I helped him develop routines, structure, gave him advice, gave him a few products to help and spent countless hours chit chatting and talking shop. 

And then I received a card at the end of the year from him, expressing his gratitude and thanks.  And that card means more to me than anything else I've ever received.  

As well, this week I attended two graduations, the elementary school graduation and the high school graduation at the school I taught at.  Both graduations incorporated something of mine that I had left behind - whether the actual graduation ceremony script, description of prizes or even decorations.  And it made me feel proud that I was able to leave something behind that they will use year and year again. 

I get that TpT won't actually get me helping teachers and schools in the same way, but I'm hoping to one day, be in every school in some way or another. 

And that, folks, is my BIG dream!

Linda :)

Thank you to these lovely ladies for setting up the TpT Challenge!