Friday, July 31, 2015

Classroom Habitudes : Week 3

Welcome to week 3 of our 4 week book study blog hop with the book Classroom Habitudes by Angela Maiers! If you've missed the last couple of posts, don't worry!  You can catch up on week 1 here and week 2 here.

This week, we dove into the habitudes of Perseverance and Courage.  I must say, these two really spoke to me.  These are the two habitudes that I really want my students to demonstrate in my classroom, and that I strive for every year.  The great thing about Classroom Habitudes is that she gives you a no-fail, simple approach, including dialogue, on how to introduce these habitudes into your classroom.  There's no way your students won't "get it" when you use her approach!

I love how Maiers explains that students show perseverance when they give up TV time to spend hours studying, or they keep trying to complete a new assignment that's difficult.  She's giving them real example of how they persevere, and all students should be able to relate in one way or another to one of the statements.

In the three lessons, she really dives into allowing students to see how their perseverance pays off (or doesn't pay off). She really talks about failure as an amazing thing instead of something to be feared. This is something that's so tough for our students! They always want to be right, we reward the right answers, whether by compliments (good job!) or by grades. It's so important to allow students to fail and to see failure as a stepping stone to success.

In the detailed lessons, students really examine how their behaviour affects their results, whether positive or negative.  She also allows students to examine many examples of success vs failure and to bring students to really understand how failure isn't actually a negative thing! This is something that I've tried so hard to get students to understand, but Maiers really does a great job of laying out all the ground work.  This book, in my opinion, was worth it just for this one chapter.  If I can get ONE student to realize that failure isn't a bad thing by doing what's outlined in this chapter, then I will be over the moon happy!

Courage goes hand in hand with perseverance, because it takes courage to persevere!  It takes courage to keep on going and allow failure to bring success.  It takes courage to learn from bad decisions and to take responsibility for outcomes whether they are positive or negative.

Often, students believe that courage means a heroic act, like saving someone's life, but our students show courage every day! Maiers really dives into how students show courage every day and wants students to recognize and realize this habitude in themselves and others.  They learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and how to be able to guide their behaviours, actions and attitude as they face obstacles and challenges in their lives.

This book is really a must-read as you prepare yourself for your classroom this year!  These habitudes will be an amazing positive effect in your classroom this year!

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