Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Classroom Habitudes : Week 4

Last week is upon us!  I can't believe how quickly these past 4 weeks have gone by and how much I enjoyed reading this book.  If you're looking for a great book for your own professional development, I strongly suggest Classroom Habitudes: Teaching Habits and Attitudes for 21st Century Learning!

Need to catch up? No worries! You can read week 1 hereweek 2 here and week 3 here.

This week, we read about Passion and Adaptability. The passion chapter really got me thinking about my own passions.  It got me thinking about how to help my students understand about passion, and start thinking about their own passion and how it can and will influence their life.

There are a lot of thought-provoking questions in this chapter to help you understand your passion, and Maïers strongly suggests you use the questionnaire yourself to discover who you really are, what your passions are and what you can really do.  Questions like "When I..., it gives me a deep satisfaction and sense of accomplishment".For me, there are two that come to mind : when I cook and when I help others. 

The handout, A Passion Detector, is available for you to download here.

The last habitude according to Maïers is Adapability.  Adaptability is the ability to cope with change. This habitude is huge.  The way you approach and handle adapability can greatly influence your life. Think about technology (an example she brings up in the book), think about all the wonderful tools it brings us and whether or not you adapt to use them positively in your classroom.

I really do love the way Maïers organized the book to give us the play by play to introduce all these habitudes to our students. In her 3 lessons, she really has students thinking and then stepping outside of the box in terms of adaptability, how to turn those "yeah, buts" into "yes, hows." Instead of saying Good idea, but... let's say Wow, that could be very cool or Yes, and... 

If you are reading this blog post, I know that you are looking for ways to inspire your students, to prepare your students, to change your students' lives. The first step is up to you! Believe in your passion, believe in yourself and your skills, bring that to your classroom and you will succeed!

I'll leave you with one last quote from Angela Maïers.