Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Please! Get Rid of that Behaviour Chart!

My 4th year of teaching, I found an amazing chart.  One that I thought was going to change the way I taught forever!

You guessed it, it was a Coloured Behaviour Chart. I made it myself, with 7 coloured squares. Everyone started on the middle green square and could either move up or down throughout the day depending on the choices they made.

Sounds good in theory. Students are responsible for their own actions, they were made accountable for those actions by their placement on this chart.  To make it more enticing, every square represented a point (1 through 8) and at the end of the day, you added your number to a class list. When you reached a certain amount of points, you received a reward.  There were also class-wide rewards for when everyone reached a certain amount of points.

It was awesome.

Or so I thought. 

Imagine having a behaviour chart in the staff lounge, where your boss could move you up or down depending on various circumstances.  Would you like to see your pin moved down? How would you feel as a teacher? Would you hold your head up high and feel proud and happy?

Every child is perfect the way they are, and it's not by moving them up or down that we change their behaviour (if we so desire).  That chart simply acts as a tracking tool, but it doesn't foster nurturing relationships that students crave.  It doesn't allow students to grow in your classroom. It airs out their dirty laundry and that's just not right.

So please, do yourself a favour and throw that behaviour chart out! Just throw it away! Don't give it to another teacher (like I did! Oops! I majorly regret that one) but throw it out. You don't need it and your students certainly don't need it.